Shipping Terms

General Information

The Products of your choice are available in a variety of shipping methods and at prices that change from time to time, and in some cases you will find them at a price that is constantly changing as part of a promotion. We will inform you about the currently available delivery methods and their prices when ordering the specific Product, here we will give you general information about the delivery terms.

Shipping fee

Shipping is free for orders over $ 1,490, over $ 15,000.

Shipping Methods

  1. Home delivery with GLS Hungary courier service

For home delivery, please provide a shipping address where it is available during the day.

If you are not at the specified delivery address at the specified time and the package is not picked up, the courier will leave a notice at one of the contact details provided. With the help of the number on the notice, you have the opportunity to enter or agree on a new delivery address and date at the courier service. The courier service will try to deliver the ordered Products 2 more times.

The Web Store reserves the right to deliver the Products included in one order at a time, and does not undertake partial delivery.

Delivery time

The Web Store is obliged to make the Product available (deliver) to the Consumer without delay, but no later than within thirty days after the conclusion of the contract.

Our products are delivered by GLS courier service, we cannot control the speed of delivery, the tracking code for packages only indicates shipping, delivery status, and receipt.

The specific delivery date is always included in the confirmation sent by the Web Store. By default, this is always 1 business day, and in the event of any administrative problems or incorrect warehouse management, the customer will be notified immediately of the arrival of the package later.

The Web Store will deliver your order to the courier service as soon as possible, depending on the type of Product (s) you have ordered. The Web Store and / or the courier company will notify you in advance by e-mail and / or SMS about the date of delivery.

In the event of a delay in the Webshop, the Customer who qualifies as a consumer (see the Definitions in Annex I) is entitled to set an additional deadline. If the Web Store fails to perform within the additional period, the Consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract.

The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract without setting an additional deadline if

  1. Your web store has declined to fulfill the contract


  1. The contract should have been performed at the agreed time and not otherwise, as agreed by the parties or because of the recognizable purpose of the service.